Menstrual cups and cervix height - the ultimate guide

Sometimes when exploring information about menstruation, we encounter terminology that mystifies and confuses us. “Cervixes” is most definitely one of these words. Luckily, we are here to clear up any misconceptions and help you understand your body a little better! Below are all the questions you can imagine relating to the cervix and menstrual cups.

what is a cervix?

Also known as the “neck of the uterus”, you can locate your cervix at the end of your vagina as a part of the lower uterus. It acts as the opening point into the uterus, allowing for sperm to travel to the eggs, and potentially fertilise them. It also allows for the passage of menstrual fluid from the uterus during your period. This is why some insertable period products mention the cervix. 

what is the function of the cervix?

During your period, the cervix opens a little to allow menstrual fluid to pass from your uterus into your vagina, and out of your body. And during childbirth, the cervix dilates much wider, allowing an entire baby to pass through! Your cervix is also responsible for producing cervical mucus, which plays an important role in your fertility.

what is cervix height? how do I measure my cervix height with fingers?

The cervix varies in shape and size across menstrual cycles and your lifetime. All you need to do to measure the length of your cervix is use the “knuckle method”.

To find the location of your cervix, gently insert a clean finger into the vaginal canal as far up as it can go. You may feel a piece of soft tissue at the top, that feels a bit like the tip of your nose -- this is the cervix. The height of your cervix depends on how many knuckles you can insert before feeling your cervix.

what is a low cervix?

If you can only insert one or two knuckles (half a finger or less) into your vagina before you feel can your cervix, then you have a low cervix. This means that insertable period products, such as tampons and menstrual cups, may not have much room inside the vagina. But in most cases, you can still use a menstrual cup! You just have to find the correct one to suit your body.

what is a high cervix?

If you can insert most of your finger into your vagina, then you have a high cervix. In fact, those of us with high cervixes may not always be able to reach or feel it. You might be able to insert a whole finger without feeling anything at all!

If you have a high cervix, then tampons and menstrual cups will easily fit inside your vagina. However, they may travel up quite high — so it’s important to choose a product that is easy for you to remove. Asan’s special removal ring was designed for users like you, so that your cup is easily within reach!

can the position of my cervix change? can my cervix move?

Yes, absolutely! Your cervix moves higher and lower during your menstrual cycle. During your period, your cervix is likely to be lower; during ovulation (when your are most fertile), your cervix is likely to be higher.

If you are trying to find the exact location of your cervix to decide on your menstrual cup size, then pleasure measure your cervix height using the knuckle method during your period.

how does my cervix height relate to menstrual cup sizing?

At Asan, our menstrual cup sizing is based on period flow: just like with tampons and pads, you choose your cup size based on your flow. Irrespective of cervix height, most users can comfortably use either the light/medium flow cup or the heavy flow cup. This is why we advise you to choose primarily based on flow!

what is the best menstrual cup for a low cervix?

If you can insert at least half a finger into your vagina, then either size of the Asan menstrual cup should work for you. This is because our cups are almost the same height. Please select based on your flow.

If you can insert very little of your knuckle (e.g. just your fingertip), then you may not be able to use the Asan menstrual cup, as it may stick out of your body. We advise opting for a specialist menstrual cups designed for low cervixes.

what is the best menstrual cup for a high cervix?

For a high cervix, the Asan menstrual cup is definitely the best option! This is because of our special removal ring, which makes it extremely easy to locate and remove your cup. Simply pull on the ring to bring your cup lower — once you can easily reach the base, pinch it to remove it. The ring is a huge benefit to anyone who has an average cervix or high cervix.

how to insert a menstrual cup if I have a high cervix?

Always remember that your menstrual cup is placed low in the vagina. Do not push the cup all the way to your cervix. Your cervix should not sit inside your menstrual cup. The correct position of the Asan cup is pictured below. 


i have a low cervix. can i cut the ring off my menstrual cup?

The ring on the Asan cup is made from soft and flexible silicone, and should not poke you at all. However, if you have a low cervix and the ring is sticking out, you may want to chop it off.

We advise you to use your cup for at least one menstrual cycle before making the decision — as it’s important that you are able to easily reach it and remove it. If you are very confident about removal, then gently cut the ring off with scissors, and make sure there are no sharp edges remaining.

can a menstrual cup damage the cervix?

When used correctly, menstrual cups are extremely safe and cannot damage your cervix. Always make sure to pinch the cup and break the seal before you remove it — yanking on the cup can be painful.

am i mixing up my cervix with my hymen?

This might sound a bit strange — but the truth is, it’s known to happen! If you are just getting to know your body a bit better, then it’s completely natural to be confused. The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that partially covers the entrance to the vagina (although keep in mind that many of us may not have much of a hymen left by the team we start using menstrual cups).

If you can feel some tissue at the very entrance to your vagina (just a few cm in), then this isn’t your cervix — it’s most likely your hymen. For more information about the hymen, check out our handy guide for teenagers and menstrual cups.

so.. what’s the conclusion?

Although there is a lot of information in this post, the real conclusion is — don’t sweat it! Most people find the Asan menstrual cup super comfortable, irrespective of cervix height. The most important thing is to choose your size based on your menstrual flow. Our cups are quite similar in size (see sizing chart below) so the primary factor for size should be your flow.


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