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The easiest cup to remove

in the words of our users: the ring is a game-changer


When we first began developing the Asan menstrual cup, we surveyed cup users from across the world to understand the challenges they faced. By far the most common response — even seasoned menstrual cup users — was that cups can be difficult to remove. 

From cups with ball-shaped handles to those with long, flat stems, most menstrual cups can take a long time to get hold off and remove. For those of us with high cervixes, this can be even more daunting, as the cup can ride up high into the vaginal canal.

This is why we designed Asan’s unique removal ring — an oval shaped loop made from super soft silicone. All you need to do to remove the Asan cup is to insert one finger into your vagina and hook it into the ring. You can then gently tug the cup downwards until you can comfortably reach it, and pinch the base to break the seal.

While the ring is incredibly helpful in locating your cup, it’s important that you don’t pull the cup out completely using the ring. Always make sure you pinch the base of the cup, which will break the suction. This will ensure you don’t face any pain or discomfort when guiding the cup out of your vagina.

An easy removal trick that our users love is to hook your middle finger into the ring whilst simultaneously pinching the cup with your index and finger and thumb. Once you try it a few times, you will be removing your cup with ease in a matter of seconds. 

In the words of our users: It’s a game changer.

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