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Best menstrual cups for teens - All you need to know

From a health perspective, it is completely safe for teenagers and young girls to use the Asan cup for managing periods. That said, we believe that using a menstrual cup is a personal decision. It’s your body, so you get to decide which period product is best for you!

Looking for a comfortable menstrual cup for teenagers can be overwhelming. This page is designed for teens, to give you all the facts and information you need if you are a teenager considering the Asan cup. 

If you are looking for a guide for teens and parents, we have a separate blog designed for parents who want to explore reusable menstrual cups for teenagers.

what is the asan cup?

The Asan cup is an insertable period product that collects rather than absorbs your period flow. As a single Asan cup can be safely re-used for years, it is a highly affordable and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. Menstruating teens experience a range of benefits when they use the Asan cup, for example:

  • Leak-free protection for up to 12 hours
  • Sleeping comfortably through the night 
  • Going to school, exercising, swimming and being active throughout the day 
  • No rashes, discomfort or itching
  • No need to purchase or dispose of sanitary pads/tampons
  • Eco-friendly menstrual cup for teenagers which can be reused for 10 years! 

how old do I have to be to use the asan cup?

There is no minimum age for using the Asan cup. It is designed to provide healthy menstrual care for anyone with a period, even if you only just started menstruating. We have users aged 12 and above who are very happy using the Asan cup. Read this blog for a 15 year old teenager's experience using the cup. 

is the cup safe for teenagers?

Yes, the Asan cup is completely safe for anyone with a period, of any age. Our cup is a good choice for teenagers as it is designed to be easy to insert and remove. The special removal ring is specifically designed to easily locate and remove the cup, making it the best menstrual cup for teenagers. We use the highest quality medical grade silicone and the materials we use are equally safe for both teenagers and adults.

how do teens insert menstrual cups?

Before inserting a menstrual cup, it’s important to get to know your body. We suggest using a hand mirror to get to know your vulva (external part of the female genitalia) a little bit better. 

Try to identify the entrance to your vagina (where menstrual blood comes from) and gently guide a clean finger into your vaginal canal. Once you can insert a finger, inserting a menstrual cup will be much easier!

will the cup break my hymen?

The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the entrance to the vagina. Not everybody has a hymen — in fact, some of us are born without one. The hymen can also wear away naturally during teenage years, for example from doing sports or being active.

If your hymen is still intact, using the Asan cup may stretch or tear it. This is because the cup is an insertable product that needs to be worn inside the vagina. Stretching or tearing the hymen is a completely natural process that happens to most of us at some point in our lives.

does using a cup mean I am no longer a virgin?

In short, the answer is no. A virgin is understood to be someone who has never had penetrative sex. The only way to no longer be a virgin is to have penetrative sex. Using a menstrual cup, a tampon or any other insertable period product does not have anything to do with being a virgin.

In some cultures, virginity is associated with having the hymen intact. At Asan, we do not associate the hymen with virginity at all, because so many of us will have our hymen torn long before we have sex. We view our menstrual cup as a practical and safe period solution that has nothing to do with your virginity. 

can I try the Asan cup if I have never used a tampon?

Yes, it is totally fine to try the cup if you have never used a tampon. In fact, several of our adult users have never used a tampon before, and went straight from using sanitary pads to using the cup. It may take a few cycles to get completely used to the cup, but once you get the hang of it, it is a far more comfortable period experience.

can I swim and do sports whilst using the asan cup?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, being active is one of the primary reasons why teens opt for the Asan cup. It makes activities like swimming, sports, gymnastics and dance possible whilst you’re on your period, making it the best menstrual cup for teenagers. As one of our bright young cup users put it: “All of the things you can do when you’re not on your period, you can now do on your period as well!”

which size menstrual cup is best for teens?

Our menstrual cup sizing guide is made super simple and is based on your period flow. 

The Asan light/medium flow size is the best menstrual cup for teens. This is because it is slightly smaller and softer compared with our heavy flow cup – which makes it easier to fold and insert.

If you have heavy flow, we suggest starting with our light/medium flow size and then moving on to the heavy flow cup once you are comfortable. 

ok, I’ve decided to try the asan cup! now what?

Below are some top tips for teenagers to ensure that using the Asan cup is as smooth as possible.

Tip #1. Get to know your body!

Have a look at the illustrations below, which show where the Asan cup sits. It is inserted completely into the body and is worn low in your vaginal canal.


Tip #2. Start with the light/medium flow cup.

As a teenager just starting out with menstrual cups, we suggest beginning with our light/medium flow cup. This is because it has a slightly smaller diameter and therefore has a smaller insertion point. Once you are comfortable with insertion and removal, you can switch to the heavy flow up (if needed).

Tip #3. The Punch-down fold and 7-fold are your best friends.

When inserting the cup, it needs to be folded. Our teenage users prefer the Punch-down and 7-folds, as these create a much smaller insertion point. Please read our blog on the our ultimate guide to menstrual cup folds to learn more.

Another tip is to angle the cup towards your tailbone (not upwards). Also, be sure to wet your cup with clean water before inserting it, as this acts as a natural lubricant.

Tip #4 Give yourself time to get used to the cup. 

There is a learning curve associated with using menstrual cups – you should be prepared for it to take two to three period cycles to get totally comfortable with your Asan cup. The cup comes with a very detailed user guide that will take you through each step. The first few times you try the cup, we advise wearing a pad as a back-up. Once you are used to it, you can say goodbye to sanitary pads!

Tip #5. When in doubt, consult a gynaecologist.

As teenagers, our bodies go through many changes, and it can take a few years for our periods to settle into a consistent routine. We believe that it is never too early to consult a doctor or gynaecologist. It’s helpful to have a check-up and it can also help you understand your body a little bit better. 

If you have further questions, our team is happy to help so please do reach out. Refer to our blog on can teens use a menstrual cup? if you are the parent of a teenager to have all your questions and concerns answered.

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