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asan menstrual cup

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    Your size depends on how often you change tampons or pads on the heavier days of your period. For a detailed sizing guide, click here.

    Light/Medium flow: For those who can wear pads/tampons for 6+ hours.

    Heavy flow: For those who have to change pads/tampons within 2-6 hours.

    Click here for how to use the cup.

    • Designed and engineered in the USA
    • Best cup for first-time users (see our special features)
    • Ring-shaped stem for easy removal
    • 100% premium medical grade silicone
    • Leak-free protection for up to 12 hours
    • Sleep peacefully through the night
    • Exercise, swim and be active on your period
    • No rashes, discomfort, odours or itching
    • Re-use for up to 10 years
    • Illustrated user guide and storage pouch included

    This purchase includes the gift of a free cup to a woman in need. Learn how we give.

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    Easy on your wallet and environment!

    I never like periods and the hassle that comes with it especially with irregular flows and leaks haven't been nightmares for me. I wouldn't say that I like my periods but the Asan cup have made them comfortable. Switching to a menstrual cup wasn't easy for me, as I freak out at the idea of insertion of cup. It took me 2 months to convince myself to do it and finally. I reach out to their team and they extended their support to help in the process. It would call it a significant move as I gained confidence and the result was the overall comfort that I received with the cup usage. My Asan cup does its job well and is easy on my pocket and on environment!

    Best menstrual cup for me

    Wanted to make the switch to M cups for some time now, guess it’s 3rd time lucky with the amazing Asan Cup! Tried 2 other brands previously- one was too soft and leaked and the other was completely uncomfortable. Really appreciate the perfect thickness of Asan Cup and the ring makes removal so much easier.

    What an amazing product!!

    Asan cup is amazing!! My periods feels like a breeze, I dont even know when they come or go, its that easy for me. In love with my Asan cup:)

    no leaks

    Great product that works flawlessly for me. I have been using the cup for almost a year and have never had any leaks. I especially like the social impact aspect of this cup.

    Jonita Stephen
    Best decision ever!

    I’ve been using the Asan cup for about 6 months now and it’s made my periods hassle-free. Before I switched to the Asan cup, I was using pads and I was always worried about leakage especially in school. Ever since I made the switch, I haven’t had to be concerned about whether I’m leaking or there’s a stain on my clothing or a stain where I’m sitting. It has been amazing. The one for one program is also so inspiring and I see how much they do via Instagram stories and it’s amazing to see how much social impact the Asan cup has had in rural India. The team especially Kashvi has been really great in terms of helping me and giving me directions and resources, it was because of her that I don’t struggle with insertion or removal anymore. The Asan user guide also has a lot of information and can help you more than YouTube videos which is what I looked up when I first started using the cup. Switching to the cup has been monumental for me and I have no regrets or complaints. I’m a 12th grader and I used it during my term 1 board exams and it removed a lot of stress of having to change etc. If you’re considering switching to the cup and you’re still young, trust me it is so worth it and you will not regret it.