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Menstrual cups and cervix height

Sometimes when exploring information about menstruation, we encounter terminology that mystifies and confuses us. “Cervixes” is most definitely one of these words. Luckily, we are here to clear up any misconceptions and help you understand your body a little better! 

What is a cervix?

Also known as the “neck of the uterus”, the cervix is a part of the lower uterus located at the end of the vagina. It acts as the opening point into the uterus, allowing for sperm to travel to the eggs, and potentially fertilise them. It also allows for the passage of menstrual fluid from the uterus during your period. This is why some insertable period products mention the cervix. 

What is cervix height? How do I measure mine?

The cervix varies in shape and size across menstrual cycles and your lifetime. All you need to do to measure your cervix height is use the “knuckle method”. Gently insert a clean finger into the vaginal canal as far up as it can go. You may feel a piece of soft tissue at the top, that feels a bit like the tip of your nose -- this is the cervix.

If you can only insert one or two knuckles, then you have a low cervix. If you can insert your entire finger into your vagina, then you have a high cervix. Those of us with high cervixes may not always be able to reach or feel it.

How does my cervix height relate to menstrual cup sizing?

At Asan, our menstrual cup sizing is based on period flow: just like with tampons and pads, you choose your cup size based on your flow. Irrespective of cervix height, most users can comfortably use either the light/medium flow cup or the heavy flow cup.

That said, if you have a very low cervix, (i.e. one or two knuckles), it makes sense to choose a shorter menstrual cup, so that it does not stick out of the body. Therefore, we advise going for the light/medium flow cup.

If you have a high cervix, then either size of the Asan cup can work well for you. The great thing about our cup is that the removal ring makes it much easier to locate and remove compared with other menstrual cups. This is a huge benefit if you have an average or high cervix.

Always remember that the cup should sit towards the lower end of your vaginal canal. The correct position of the Asan cup is pictured below.

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