Buy reusable menstrual cups online at best price

Hello and welcome to the Asan cup blog! You might have stumbled upon us if you are looking to buy a menstrual cup online.

It can be a confusing process to figure out which menstrual cup brand is best and which is the best menstrual cup to buy for your specific needs. Menstrual cups are available in various sizes which makes things even more confusing. 

In this blog, we will dive into all things related to how to buy a menstrual cup online – hopefully you will leave with some knew knowledge, and may feel ready to try a menstrual cup!

how do i find the best reusable menstrual cup?

To find the best quality menstrual cup, you need to do a bit of research. The internet is inundated with menstrual cups, but with a bit of knowledge, it is possible to judge the quality of a menstrual cup.

Instead of buying directly on a third party website or marketplace, do some research into the menstrual cup brands’ websites. A few things to look for:

  • Does the brand have a quality page that talks about the materials in the cup? 
  • Is the cup made from medical grade silicone and does the brand have clear certification to provide this?
  • Does the brand have certifications and/or accreditations? The best menstrual cup brands will be transparent and will not make fake claims (e.g. be wary of those that say they are “FDA approved”, as FDA approval is not possible for menstrual cups).
  • Is it a unique design developed by the brand or are they re-selling a generic design? 
  • Are there clear contact details for the brand so you can follow up in the event of any issues?
  • Does the brand have credible reviews? For example, the Asan menstrual cup review page showcases real-life experiences of using our cup

what about the amazon menstrual cup selection?

Amazon sells a range of menstrual cups including the Asan menstrual cup. 

Many customers prefer buying menstrual cups on Amazon so they can take advantage of benefits like Prime. While there is nothing wrong with ordering on Amazon, we suggest doing some research on the brand’s website to ensure you are purchasing a high quality product.

where can i buy menstrual cups near me? what is the menstrual cup price in medical stores?

Many people wonder where to buy menstrual cups in store. While some medical stores and supermarkets may stock cups, the range is likely to be limited, and the price may vary.

We suggest doing thorough research online and buying directly from a trusted brand.

frequently asked questions

What is the safest material for a menstrual cup?

Class VI medical grade silicone is the safest material for menstrual cups. It is biocompatible and extremely safe to insert into your body.

How many times can you reuse a menstrual cup?

It depends on the brand! High quality menstrual cups can be reused for several years.

Which is the best brand to buy a menstrual cup? 

The Asan cup is one the world’s highest quality menstrual cups due to its unique, easy to use design. Other trusted brands include Diva cup, Mooncup and Lunette cup, among others.

Can menstrual cups be used at night?

Yes, absolutely! One great advantage of the Asan cup is that you can wear it for up to 12 hours, and it holds roughly three times more fluid than a pad or tampon. You can wear it all night with no worries.

Which company menstrual cup is best for beginners?

Asan is the best menstrual cup brand for beginners because of the ring design, that makes it easy to locate and remove. Have a look at our beginners’ guide to using a menstrual cup.

Where can I buy reusable menstrual cups at affordable prices?

If you are interested in buying several cups, Asan offers great bulk discounts. Please contact us and we will share more information with you.