Best menstrual cup for beginners

Menstrual cup 

Have you been thinking about using a menstrual cup but have no idea where to begin? Just like trying anything new, choosing a menstrual cup for the first time involves a lot of learning and can be a daunting experience. 

The great news is that Asan is here to clear any doubts you may have about choosing the best menstrual cup for beginners. Hold tight because your periods are about to become a whole lot more comfortable! 

first things first, what is a menstrual cup and how does it work?

A menstrual cup is an insertable product that is used to manage your menstrual cycle. Unlike a sanitary pad or tampon that absorbs your blood, a menstrual cup catches and collects your period blood. The cup is inserted inside your vagina and creates suction with your vaginal walls. 

You can wear the cup for up to 12 hours before emptying it. So there is no longer any need to rush to find a toilet to change your sanitary pad or tampon every few hours when you have your period! Even better – by using a menstrual cup, your blood does not oxidise - creating an odour-free and rash-free period experience.

The Asan menstrual cup is the most eco-friendly and economical solution for your period as it can be re-used for up to 10 years. Not only does it eliminate tonnes of sanitary waste, it also saves you from spending on tampons and pads every month.

menstrual cup diagram

how do you choose the best menstrual cup as a beginner? 

When looking for menstrual cup brands for beginners, the most important thing is to do your research and purchase a cup from a trusted brand. 

There are an abundant number of menstrual cup brands available online, and choosing the right one can be confusing. Ideally, try to make sure that the brand you choose has recognised certifications which warrants the quality and safety of the menstrual cup. 

A few things to look out for include: Does the brand manufacture its own cups or does it re-sell a generic design? Does the brand have a specific page on its website relating to quality and certifications? Does the cup come with a high-quality user guide or training materials?

For example, at Asan, we designed our menstrual cup from scratch and own the rights to our unique design – which means that only Asan can manufacture the Asan cup. We used Class VI medical grade silicone (the same material used in heart stents) and every Asan cup comes with the Asan logo imprinted on the cup. 

The Asan cup also comes with an in-depth illustrated user guide that is specifically designed for beginners.

what age can you start using a menstrual cup?

There is no “minimum age” for using a menstrual cup. Whether you have been using sanitary pads for over 20 years or you’re a teen just getting started in understanding your period cycles, it’s always a great time to switch to a menstrual cup! 

In fact, you can start using  the Asan cup as soon as you get your first period as it is completely safe for teens. Have a look at our blog about choosing a teen’s first menstrual cup here

is using a menstrual cup painful?

We completely understand you may have doubts about the comfort of menstrual cups for first time users. That said, a well-designed and good quality menstrual cup should not cause any pain or discomfort whilst inserting, wearing and removing it. 

The Asan cup’s bell-shaped design, premium quality material and unique removal ring ensures that users can have a completely pain-free and easy period. In fact once the cup is inserted correctly, it really is surreal how you cannot feel it at all! The most important part is to stay relaxed, be patient with yourself, and enjoy the life-changing experience. 

If you need extra reassurance, check out this video featuring Dr. Premalatha, sharing a gynaecologist’s opinion on menstrual cups.



can you switch from sanitary pads to a menstrual cup or do you need to use a tampon first?

You can absolutely switch directly from using sanitary pads to a menstrual cup! It is not necessary to try a tampon first, and many of our users have made the switch directly from pads to our cup.

If you have never inserted something into your vagina before, then the best place to start is by gently inserting a clean finger. If you can do this, then you should be able to insert a menstrual cup with no hassle.

how do you determine the size of the menstrual cup you need?

Determining your menstrual cup size can be a confusing and overwhelming process. That’s why the Asan cup’s sizing guide has been simplified to easily understand which size suits you best, making it a great choice for new menstrual cup users.

When selecting your menstrual cup size, all you need to consider is your period flow. If you are able to keep a sanitary pad/tampon on for up to 5-6 hours on the heaviest day of your period, then the light/medium size is right for you. If you usually change your sanitary pad/tampon within 2-6 hours, then go for our heavy flow size which is the best menstrual cup for beginners with heavy flow.

menstrual cup size chart

how do you insert a menstrual cup?

Firstly, ensure you have plenty of time and are in a relaxed environment. The most important thing when inserting a menstrual cup for the first time is to remain calm and remember that it is completely normal to not get it right on the first go! 

There are three types of folds that can be used to insert a menstrual cup, the punch-down fold, the C-fold, and the 7-fold. 

The punch-down fold is perfect for beginners as it creates the smallest insertion point to enter your vagina. We recommend lubricating your cup with clean water before inserting it to reduce friction with your vagina. 

Click here for a more detailed guide on the different types of folds to insert your menstrual cup. 

what if my menstrual cup gets lost or stuck?

We understand this fear, but please don’t worry! It is not physically possible for a menstrual cup to get lost or stuck as your vagina ends in the cervix. 

The diagram below shows how your menstrual cup will sit inside your vagina and below your cervix.

menstrual cup position  

The best part about the Asan cup is that it has a special removal ring which is designed specifically to make removing your menstrual cup as easy as possible. This means it is truly the best menstrual cup for beginners. 

Simply locate the ring using your finger and then squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the suction. Then you can gently pull the cup out. 

some final tips for beginners 

  1. Start by doing your research! It’s important to understand the design, material and quality certifications of the brand. The Asan cup is an easy cup to use for beginners because of its special removal ring and premium quality material
  2. You can start using a menstrual cup at any age – it’s never too early or too late, and you don’t need to have used tampons before trying a cup
  3. Make sure you understand sizing before purchasing a menstrual cup. You need to select a size that best suits your period flow
  4. In the beginning of our menstrual cup journey – stay calm.  It takes some time to master the usage of a menstrual cup so be patient with yourself. Try your cup when you are in a relaxed setting, such as on the weekend or in the comfort of your home
  5. If you are having trouble removing your menstrual cup, remember to take a deep breath and try sitting in a deep squat. With the Asan cup’s special removal ring, you will have no issues removing your cup!
  6. Most importantly, enjoy the process. Once you perfect the art of using a menstrual cup, you will never want to go back to sanitary pads or tampons!

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