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Combo Pack: Asan Cup + Cleanser @20% off

Combo Pack: Asan Cup + Cleanser @20% off

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Loved by users for its unique ring design, the Asan cup is the easiest menstrual cup to insert and remove. This pack contains one Asan cup and one menstrual cup cleanser.

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  • Patented Design
  • Medical Silicone
  • 1-for-1 Donations

Asan Cup Features:

  • Class VI medical grade silicone
  • Leak-free protection up to 12 hours
  • Ring-shaped stem for easy removal
  • Exercise and swim on your period
  • No rashes, discomfort or odours
  • Includes user guide and cloth pouch
  • Reusable for up to 10 years
  • Free UK-wide shipping

One-Drop Cleanser Features:

  • 100% safety-tested
  • Perfume-free
  • Made with lavender extract
  • Highly portable design
  • Concentrate — Made to last longer
  • Recyclable bottle


The Asan size guide is simple: just choose based on your period flow.

Light/Medium flow: For those who can generally wear pads/tampons for 6 hours without leaking.

Heavy flow: For those who leak through pads/tampons within 2-6 hours. The heavy flow cup is larger and firmer than the light/medium flow cup.

Learn more about our sizing and how to use the cup.


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  • Alicia, 22

    "Using the Asan cup was so much easier than I expected. As someone that plays sports and dances, I no longer need to worry about rashes and the discomfort of pads. I can keep it in for 12 hours which is great!"

  • Sophia, 21

    "I have been using the Asan cup for 6 months and it makes my life so much easier. I have heavy periods and I can wear it for 12 hours!"

  • Marianna, 31

    "I was blown away by the utter brilliance of the ring design. It makes it so much easier to handle. I also love that it's red so it doesn't stain."

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Designed at the Harvard Innovation Lab

Leak-proof, anti-stain design with a ring for easy removal.

Made with lavender extract

Most soaps can damage the silicone of menstrual cups. Our perfume-free cleanser is the perfect match for medical silicone.

You buy, we donate

Your purchase enables a woman or girl to go to school or work comfortably during periods.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Amy Smedley
Asan review

It has changed my partners life. No leaks I’ll be ordering one for myself

Hannah McMillan
Well fitting cup

This is my second menstrual cup. My previous one was from Pixie - it worked well but was uncomfortable due to the harder silicone and larger size, and was difficult to remove. My Asan cup, on the other hand, is much easier to remove with the ring at the end. It is also more comfortable for daily wear and easy to 'pop out' in place. I was worried about the size as I can bleed quite heavily, but it hasn't overflowed or leaked at all. Very easy to clean and the bag it comes with is pretty, but also discreet in that it's not overly obvious what's inside. I would definitely recommend this cup, particularly to beginners as it is really very comfortable and easy to use.


Best menstrual cup I have owned, will definitely buy again

Síne Fagan
Get one

It’s great. Easy to use, however takes a few days to get the hang of it. So much better than using any other sanitary products out there. Much cheaper and much better for the environment 👏

Abby Underwood
So glad I discovered Asan

I recently tried out the Asan cup and I was a bit worried about using it at first, but the team behind Asan were super helpful and reassured me with my many questions. The design with the ring sold me on it, and I'm so glad I found them! It was comfortable throughout my period and it's eco-friendly too, which is a huge bonus. I'd totally recommend the Asan cup to anyone!


How do menstrual cups work?

A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped device that collects period flow. Fold your cup in half and insert into your vagina. Your cup will pop open and form a leak-proof seal. You can wear your cup for up to 12 hours. To remove, locate your cup using the removal ring, then pinch to break the seal and wiggle your cup out. You can wash your cup and re-use it straight away.

Is the Asan cup safe to use?

Yes, it is extremely safe. The Asan cup is made from USP Class VI silicone, which is the same material used in heart stents. It is biocompatible and does not contain plastics, toxins, BPAs or harmful chemicals. We have a patent for our design and follow strict quality standards.

Why should I get a cup and cleanser together? 

Formulated by scientists, the Asan OneDrop cleanser is the easiest way to clean the Asan cup. Squeeze one drop of the cleanser onto the cup and wash thoroughly with water. Using the cleanser consistently each time you empty your cup prevents odours and stains. Please do not use commercial soaps on your cup as they can damage the silicone.

What comes in the box? 

Your purchase includes an Asan cup, cloth storage pouch, a welcome card, an illustrated user guide and an Asan OneDrop cleanser. Our packaging is 95% recyclable.

Is it worth the price?

The average UK woman spends over £100 on period products per year. By contrast, the Asan cup is a one-time purchase of just £25. Our innovative design is easier to use than traditional menstrual cups. We use the world's highest quality silicone to ensure a safe and durable product that will truly last up to 10 years.