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Top 12 period cups for 2022

Want to switch to a menstrual cup but overwhelmed by the options available? 

There are many menstrual cup brands out there, making it difficult to decide which cup works best for you! 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 12 best menstrual cup brands globally to help you decide which menstrual cup to buy. 

*please note this is not in order of preference 

1) lena sensitive small: best for sensitive anatomies

Using a menstrual cup can be particularly uncomfortable if you have a sensitive bladder as the cup can put pressure on your bladder whilst you’re on your period. 

While not many brands have a special sensitive size, we’ve found the perfect cup for you if you experience this discomfort. 

The Lena sensitive small is a small and flexible cup that is good for someone that experiences sensitivity in your vagina. It is a great cup for teens and users with a sensitive bladder.  

Please keep in mind that while it’s great for sensitive anatomy, you may face leaks if you have heavy period flow. 

2) mooncup: classic option

The Mooncup is made locally in the UK and was founded in 2002, making it one of the first ever reusable menstrual cup brands. 

It has a very long stem so that users can cut it to whatever length they feel comfortable with. But it’s very important to try it for a few cycles before trimming the stem. 

It is great for someone who has a preference toward a transparent menstrual cup. But do keep in mind that as a result of it being clear it will stain after a few period cycles.  

3) divacup: best user materials

The Divacup has been around for a long time and is probably the best known menstrual cup brand worldwide. It comes with extensive training materials which are very useful for first-time users. 

The Divacup is in the higher price range - there are many newer brands that produce more  affordable menstrual cups of equally high quality. 


4) saalt regular: best for high capacity

Whilst most cups have a capacity of 20-30ml, Saalt’s regular cup holds up to 50ml of menstrual fluid - making it the best cup if you are looking for a cup with the highest capacity to collect your flow. 

While this is a great option for a heavy flow we don’t recommend it as your first cup because it’s much larger to fit and can be daunting to try as a beginner. You might want to try it once you are already experienced with menstrual cups.

Also do keep in mind that while the Saalt cup is large, it is very soft compared to some other large cups, which can make it difficult to maintain suction inside your vagina if you have extremely heavy flow.

5) lunette large: best for those who like a firm cup

When choosing which size menstrual cup to go for, we recommend beginning with your flow. If you have heavy flow, you may need to opt for a firmer cup to ensure that the menstrual cup maintains suction and doesn’t leak when you experience heavy bleeding. 

The Lunette large cup is very firm, which means it will stay in place no matter how heavy your flow is. 

While this cup is great for heavy flow, it can take some time to get used to a firm cup. We don’t recommend using a firm cup if you are a beginner as it can be difficult and painful to insert and remove while you are practising. 

6) totm: best for those with a silicone allergy

The TOTM cup is the best option for someone with a silicone allergy as it is made out of medical-grade TPE - which is a type of plastic. 

Silicone allergies are extremely rare and you might have a localised reaction which can include experiencing tenderness or a rash when you use a menstrual cup. 

A study published by the Lancet Review found that only 0.18% of their sample size of 3000+ people showed symptoms of a silicone allergy. 

If you are one of the rare few with a silicone allergy, TOTM is a great option for you as its menstrual hygiene products are not silicone based.

7) ruby cup: great for social impact

The comfort of using a high-quality menstrual cup should be experienced by everyone that has a period. If you are someone that values the brand's social impact vision, then Ruby Cup is a wonderful option.  

Similar to Asan’s 1-for-1 donation programme, Ruby cup donates one cup for every cup sold across countries in Africa. 

Hey Girls is also a great brand for their social impact. They actively donate menstrual cups and conduct menstrual health and education programmes across the UK. 

8) all matters, formerly organicup: best low-waste packaging  

Are you someone that is environmentally conscious and trying to switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle? 

Then All Matters is a great brand for you because of its extremely eco-friendly packaging. They have a variety of organic menstrual products but are best known for their menstrual cups. 

The low-waste packaging made from recycled paper and/or cardboard is designed to be able to unfold the box and read the user guide that is printed inside it. 

9) me luna: best for variety

If you are someone that likes to have a wide range of options to choose from, Me Luna is perfect for you. 

It comes in various shapes and sizes - ranging from short and tall cups, a cup designed specifically for sport, and the classic cup in four different sizes.

It also comes in 10 different colours so you can have fun customising your own Me Luna cup.    

10) nixit: best for having sex on your period

Much like continuing with your everyday activities while menstruating, it is completely normal to want to have sex while on your period - and in fact often recommended as it is known to to reduce period cramps. 

The Nixit menstrual cup is the best cup for mess-free sex while you are on your period. 

It is designed sit at the top of your cervix and collect blood, ensuring that it does not get in the way of sex. 

The Nixit menstrual cup can be more difficult to remove than other cups as it sits higher up in your vaginal canal and doesn’t have a removal stem or ring.

11) intimina: best for unique designs 

Looking for something unique and fun? Intimina has a variety of very creative and original menstrual cup designs. 

Their Lily cup range includes a collapsible cup that can be flattened. It comes with a pocket -size, compact case, making it a great cup for portability. 

Although these designs are very fun, some users have complained of leaks (especially with the collapsible cups) so it’s important to do your research before selecting one.

12) asan: best all-rounder cup

The Asan cup is the best all-round menstrual cup for beginners as it has a unique removal ring which makes it super easy to use, no matter how inexperienced you may be. 

It is also particularly perfect for anyone with a high cervix as the ring makes it easy to locate no matter how high up the cup travels. The Asan cup has a light/medium and a heavy flow size, so it’s very easy to determine which size is best for you.

Its bell-shaped design, which underwent four-rounds of vigorous user trials while being designed at the Harvard Innovation Lab USA, ensures that the cup will sit comfortably inside you! 

Asan’s 1-for-1 donations programme which works to eradicate period poverty and provide menstrual health education in rural India. This makes it a wonderful brand to buy from if you are someone that values the social impact created through your purchase. 

Ready to buy the best menstrual cup for 2022? Shop now. 

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