The best menstrual cup for a high cervix


At Asan, our sizing guide is designed based on your period flow — not the position of your cervix. Just like with pads and tampons, the most important factor in menstrual cup sizing is how heavy or light your menstrual flow is.

That said, we get a lot of questions about the relationship between cervix height and menstrual cups. And we’re thrilled to share that based on feedback from thousands of users, the Asan cup is the best menstrual cup for a high cervix!

This is because our amazing removal ring means that you will always be able to reach your cup — no matter how high it travels up!

Read on to understand more about having a high cervix and choosing the best menstrual cup.

first things first! what is a cervix?

The cervix is the bottom-most part of your uterus. Also called the “neck of the uterus”, it is a tiny passage that connects the your uterus and vagina. The cervix acts as both an entry and an exit point.

It is an entry point for sperm to enter from your vagina into the uterus (so it can travel up the cervix to fertilise an egg); and it is an exit point for menstrual fluid to leave your uterus, so that it can flow down the vagina and exit your body.

where is my cervix? how do i locate it?

To learn in detail how to locate your cervix, have a look at our detailed blog on menstrual cups and cervix height. 

To summarise: the easiest way to locate your cervix is to insert a finger into the vagina and then use the “knuckle method”. The cervix is at the end of the vaginal passage, and feels like a soft tissue (sometimes even described as feeling like the tip of your nose).

Squat or spread your legs, and then insert a clean finger into your vaginal canal.

If you can insert a full finger, you have a high cervix. If you can insert one or two knuckles (e.g. half a finger) before you feel your cervix, then you have a low cervix or a “short” cervix.

Fun fact: for most people, cervix height actually changes! During ovulation, when you are your most fertile, your cervix is higher; during menstruating, it travels lower. If you’re thinking about trying a menstrual cup, measure your cervix during your periods.

The diagram below shows where your cervix is located in relation to your uterus and vagina.

help! i can’t find my cervix.

If you’ve inserted a full finger and still can’t feel your cervix, this means you have a high cervix.

This is totally normal and many people can’t feel their cervix at all. Your vaginal passage is relatively long and this means it’s important to choose a menstrual cup that is easy to locate and remove.

which is the best menstrual cup for a high cervix?

If you have a high cervix, this means your menstrual cup can travel high up your vaginal canal. If you choose a cup that is too short or is difficult to remove (e.g. if it doesn’t have a good stem), then removing your cup can be a challenge.

Sadly, we have heard horror stories from users who inserted a cup without a stem, and had a terrible time getting it out as it travelled up too high.

At Asan, we want every aspect of using a menstrual cup to be easy (in fact our name “Asan” means easy in Hindi!). This is why we designed the Asan cup to be the easiest cup to insert and remove and the absolute best cup for users with a high cervix.

Our unique ring design means that no matter your cervix height, you will always be able to easily locate and remove your cup.

Simply insert two fingers into the vagina until you can feel the removal ring. Tug on the ring which will instantly bring your cup to the bottom of your vagina. Once you can easily access it, pinch to remove.

asan menstrual cup

how to select menstrual cup size for a high cervix?

The Asan cup comes in two sizes — light/medium flow and heavy flow. Both sizes are great for high cervix users.

There is a very small height difference between our two sizes (roughly 3mm) and they both have the same removal ring, designed to make it very easy to remove your menstrual cup.

Our heavy flow cup is slightly wider and firmer, which means it is great for heavy flow users. Please pick based on your flow.

how to insert a menstrual cup with a high cervix?

If you have a high cervix, try to ensure that your menstrual cup is placed as low as it can comfortably sit in the vagina. Do not push it up too high. If a tiny bit of the ring pokes out, that is absolutely fine.

Have a look at our detailed insertion guide to learn more about perfecting your insertion technique.

how do you get a menstrual cup out if your cervix is high?

If you have a high cervix, then sitting in a deep squat or a happy-baby pose are great positions in which to remove your menstrual cup. This is because they naturally elongate the vaginal canal and make it easy to reach your cup.

To remove your cup, gently guide two fingers into the vagina and tug on the removal ring. Bring your cup lower and then pinch it to break the vacuum seal. Gently rock it from side to side and remove it from your body.

Never yank the cup all the way out using the ring, as this can be painful and cause discomfort.

i have a high cervix. can my menstrual cup get stuck?

As the vagina ends in the cervix, your cup cannot travel up beyond this point. It’s impossible for it to get stuck or lost inside you.

Remember to take a deep breath and relax, and then try sitting in a deep squat. You will be able to reach your cup!

Never bear down or “force” your cup out as this can strain your muscles. Remember that the Asan removal ring is always there to help you.

can a menstrual cup damage your cervix?

A menstrual cup cannot damage your cervix as it sits at the bottom of your vaginal canal while your cervix is at the top of your canal. 

To ensure you have a pain-free experience remember to pinch your cup to release suction while removing it. 

how do i know if my menstrual cup is touching my cervix?

You most likely will not feel your menstrual cup when it’s inside you as the cup sits at the base of your vaginal entrance. 

If you push the cup higher and feel resistance, that means it’s probably touching your cervix. In this case you might have a low cervix, which is also completely normal! 

some final tips!

Using a menstrual cup can seem daunting, but if you choose the right one you will still have a fantastic experience.

  1. Even if your vaginal passage is long, remember that nothing can get lost in there! You will always get your cup out.
  2. Please don’t bear down and force your cup out. Always use the removal ring to pull it lower.
  3. Deep squat and happy baby position are your best friends. So is taking a deep breath and remaining calm.
  4. Asan’s removal ring is a game-changer for high cervix users. We’ve spoken to so many people who failed with other cups, but swear by the Asan cup because of the removal ring. It truly is the best menstrual cup for a high cervix.

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