How to remove a menstrual cup

your step-by-step guide to perfect removal



When designing the Asan cup, we interviewed hundreds of people about their experience with menstrual cups. The issue that the most people faced: removal!

This is why we designed the Asan menstrual cup with a special removal ring, which makes it very easy to remove. Simply pull on the ring to bring your cup lower, and then pinch to remove!

In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about perfectly removing your menstrual cup. No need to worry about your menstrual cup being stuck or things getting messy.

step 1 - wash your hands

Always remember to wash your hands before inserting or removing your menstrual cup. This is to avoid bacteria getting into your vagina and causing infections.

step 2 - relax!

If you are stressed out, chances are, it will be difficult to remove your menstrual cup. When we are anxious, our vaginal muscles tense and it makes it difficult to get anything in or out. Before removing your menstrual cup, take a few deep breaths and relax.

step 3 - squat

Squatting is a great position, as it opens up your pelvic region and makes it easy to locate the cup. Other good positions include sitting on the toilet with your legs apart or standing with your legs apart in the shower (doing it in the is a great tip for beginners, as it’s zero mess!)

step 4 - locate your cup

Gently guide two fingers into your vagina until you can feel the ring. If the cup is quite high cup, then tug on the ring to bring it lower (but don’t yank it all the way out with the ring as this can be uncomfortable!)

menstrual cup with ring

step 5 - pinch the cup

Once you can easily reach the base of your menstrual cup, you need to pinch it to bring the seal. Then slowly wiggle it from side to side and rock it out of your vagina. An easy way to remove your menstrual cup is to hook your middle finger into the ring whilst simultaneously pinching the cup with your index and finger and thumb.

pinch menstrual cup

Step 6 - empty and wash

Empty the contents of your cup into the toilet or drain; then wash thoroughly and reinsert. Simple! Although it may take a few tries, the process of removal will become incredibly easy and you will be doing it in a matter of seconds.

 wash menstrual cup

frequently asked questions

are menstrual cups easy to remove?

Traditional menstrual cups can be difficult to remove, because they have knobs or stems that are hard to grip on to. When we started Asan, our aim was clear: to design the easiest menstrual cup to remove. This is why we created our special removal ring, which is made from super-soft silicone that doesn’t irritate you. Using the ring means that you can always locate your cup and don’t have to worry about it getting stuck.

does it hurt to remove a menstrual cup?

If you follow the steps above and remove your cup gently, it shouldn’t hurt at all! The key is to be patient until you get the hang of the removal process. Once you’ve tried it a few times, you should be able to comfortable remove your menstrual cup with no pain.

can my menstrual cup get stuck?

Please note, the vagina ends in the cervix and it is not possible for your menstrual cup to travel up beyond this point — so it cannot get stuck or lost! Even if you have a high cervix, the special ring will make it easy to locate your cup and bring it lower.

cervix menstrual cup

what if i cannot reach my menstrual cup?

If you can’t remove your menstrual cup, please don’t worry. Sitting in a deep squat or a happy baby are the best positions to reach your cup, as they elongate your pelvic region. Please try these positions, then guide one finger into your vagina to locate the ring. As always, it’s important to take a few deep breaths and remain calm. Going for a walk or gentle exercise can also help bring your cup lower. You will definitely get it out!

can i force my menstrual cup out?

Please do not attempt to ‘birth’ your menstrual cup or force it out using muscles. We do not advise bearing down or straining your muscles to remove your cup, as this be may harmful to your body. It’s important to locate the cup with your fingers, pull it lower, and pinch to remove. The ring makes it super easy to get the cup out so you shouldn’t be forcing anything.

how often should i empty a menstrual cup?

To know when to remove a menstrual cup, you need to understand your flow. The first time you use a cup, we suggest taking it out every 4 to 6 hours to understand how quickly it fills up (and repeat this on different days of your cycle, as period flow varies!). With practice, you’ll quickly get to know how many hours your cup takes it fill up on heavier and lighter days. Never wear your menstrual cup for longer than 12 hours, as it’s important to empty and wash it (even if you have light flow!).

do i need to remove my menstrual cup when going the toilet?

No, you do not need to remove your menstrual cup when peeing or using the toilet. This is because your cup sits inside your vagina — it does not interfere with the passages from which your urinate (urethra) or pass a bowel movement (anus). After a bowel movement, wash your hands and gently prod the cup to make sure it is still in place.

how to remove my menstrual cup without making a mess?

To remove a menstrual cup without mess, we advise doing it slowly and gently. The first time you try to remove your cup, you may want to do it in the bath or shower area just to be extra careful. Keep in mind that your cup will come out upright and you can then empty it yourself into the drain — with practice there will be zero mess!

how to remove a menstrual cup with long nails?

We do not advise using a menstrual cup with long nails. Long nails can scratch your during insertion and removal which will harm your vagina. Please trim your nails before attempting to use any menstrual cup!

i forgot to remove my menstrual cup. what should i do?

The Asan menstrual cup is so comfortable, you will forget that it’s even in there! However, it’s very important to remove your cup every 12 hours — so you might want to set a reminder on your phone to do this. If you forgot to remove your menstrual cup and it’s been longer than 12 hours, remove it as soon as you remember and wash it thoroughly with our OneDrop cleanser or sterilise by boiling. If you feel any side effects or symptoms at all, please seek medical attention.


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