How to choose between Mooncup and Asan cup?

Are you considering making the switch to a menstrual cup but unsure which cup is the best fit for you? 

Well don’t worry, we’ve been there too! 

In this blog, we’ll compare the Asan cup and Mooncup, two leading menstrual cup brands in the UK and globally - to help you decide what to look out for when making the switch to a menstrual cup. 

So let’s start by learning a little bit about both the brands. 

when and how was mooncup founded? 

Mooncup was founded in 2002 by Su Hardy, and is the first menstrual cup brand to create a menstrual cup with medical grade silicone. 

Mooncup began with two things in mind - to make periods more comfortable and to save the planet from plastic waste generated by single-use period products. 

Are you wondering, why is it called a Mooncup? Well the name was inspired by the synergies of the lunar cycle with menstruation. 

As a pioneering menstrual cup brand, Mooncup has played a huge role in enabling the global shift towards switching to safe and sustainable period products. 

when and how was asan founded? 

The Asan cup founder, Ira Guha, designed the Asan menstrual cup at the Harvard Innovation Lab in 2019. 

After trying many menstrual cups and struggling with the removal process of locating stems and knobs, Ira decided to design the Asan cup with a unique removal ring to make the experience of using menstrual cups super easy. 

In fact, the Asan cup has been awarded a US design patent for its unique removal ring and is claimed to be the easiest menstrual cup to use by its users around the world. 

With that in mind, the Asan cup was named after the term ‘Asan’, which means easy in Hindi, Persian and Urdu. 

Asan is built on the belief that every woman or girl should have access to safe, high quality and sustainable period care, no matter where you’re from. 

So through our 1-for-1 donation programme, for every cup sold one gets donated to someone who doesn't have access to safe period care in rural India.

what are the mooncup and the asan cup made of? 

Both Asan cup and Mooncup are made from Class VI medical grade silicone - which is the same material used in heart stents and is super safe for your body. 

At Asan, safety is our top priority. We safety test every batch of the Asan cup to ensure we are providing safe and high quality cups every step of the way. 

how do i know which size to go for? 

Once you decide to make the switch to a menstrual cup, the first thing you need to do is select the correct size for your period.  

Mooncup and the Asan cup have two very different sizing guidelines.

Mooncup comes in two sizes and their sizing guidelines are based on two factors - your age and whether you’ve given birth vaginally. 

Mooncup Size A is for you if you have given birth vaginally or if you are 30 years old or over. 

Mooncup Size B is for you if you have not given vaginal birth or if you are under 30 years. Size B is slightly smaller than Size A - 3mm in diameter to be exact! 

If you are someone with heavy flow and are wondering, do Mooncups work for heavy periods? You should go for Size A.

While designing the Asan cup, one thing we found is that choosing a menstrual cup size based on factors such as age, vaginal birth and cervix height can be very confusing. 

So that’s why, Asan came up with a simple rule for sizing based on your period flow - which is the same as how you would decide which pads or tampons are the right size for you. 

Similar to Mooncup, the Asan cup also comes in two sizes. 

Asan’s Light/Medium flow cup is for you if you can use a pad or tampon for 6+ hours on your heaviest flow day without any leaks.

Whereas, Asan’s Heavy flow cup is for you if you need to change your pad or tampon every 2 to 6 hours on your heaviest flow day. 

While the difference between the two sizes is only 4mm in diameter (Heavy flow being slightly bigger), the main difference is the firmness. 

The Heavy flow cup is designed to be slightly firmer - to ensure that it maintains suction inside your vaginal canal and doesn’t leak on heavy flow days. 

how do i remove my mooncup or asan cup?

Have you felt worried that your menstrual cup will get stuck inside you? Well you’re not alone! 

The removal process of a menstrual cup can feel daunting at first - which is why both Mooncup and Asan cup have put in a lot of thought when designing their menstrual cups for removal. 

But before we go into the details, if you’re worried that you can't get Mooncup or the Asan cup out, there is one very reassuring fact you should know: a menstrual cup can never get stuck inside you because on the top of our vaginal canal is our uterus wall, which blocks the cup from travelling any further. So even if your cup goes high up in your vagina, the only way out is down! 

The Mooncup is designed with a stem that is trimmable at four lengths - based on how high or low your cervix is. 

To remove it, you need to insert a finger and locate the stem of the cup. Then using two fingers, bring the stem to the base of your vaginal entrance and pinch the base of your cup. 

After that you should be able to gently pull the cup out and empty it. 

In comparison, the Asan cup comes with a unique removal ring - which means you only need to use one finger to locate and remove the cup. 

The special ring feature makes it super easy to grip the cup no matter how high your cervix is - and in the words of Asan cup users ‘it’s a game-changer’.

what colours do the mooncup and the asan cup come in? 

The Mooncup is made from natural un-pigmented silicone and is transparent in colour. 

The transparency of the Mooncup and the volume markings helps you easily observe and understand your period flow. However, over time the colour of the cup can lead to slight stains and a discoloured Mooncup

In contrast, the Asan cup is red in colour - just like your period flow. This is to make sure that the cup does not stain.

The red dye is infused into liquid medical grade silicone, after which the silicone is moulded into the Asan cup shape. 

This process ensures that the colouration cannot leak and is completely safe to insert inside your body. 

how much will the mooncup or the asan cup cost? 

Both the Mooncup and the Asan cup are in a similar and very affordable price range.

A Moncup costs £23.50 and the Asan cup’s price is £24.95. Keep in mind that for every cup Asan sells, they also donate one for free to someone who can’t afford period products.

are mooncup and asan good brands? 

Yes absolutely! 

Both Mooncup and Asan are trusted menstrual cup brands and have many users around the world.

If you’re looking for a transparent menstrual cup with a stem, Mooncup is a great choice for you. 

And if you’re looking for the easiest menstrual cup to remove, the Asan cup is perfect for you. 

frequently asked questions

How much blood does a Mooncup hold?

The size A Mooncup holds 29.3ml and size B Mooncup holds up to 28.8ml. 

How much blood does the Asan cup hold?

The Asan Light/Medium flow cup holds 25ml and the Heavy flow cup holds 30ml. 

Does Mooncup or the Asan cup leak?

No, both menstrual cups are designed to be completely leak proof as long as you choose the correct size for your body.

The Asan cup is designed in a bell-shape to sit perfectly inside your vaginal canal - so once it’s inside you and has created a seal, it will sit comfortably without any leaks. 

How low should a Mooncup or Asan cup sit?

Both the Mooncup and the Asan cup should sit at the base of your vaginal canal.

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