How to insert a menstrual cup

your step-by-step guide for perfect insertion




Menstrual cups are an innovative period product, and we understand that insertion can be daunting (especially since the cup looks bigger than a tampon!)

The great news is that the Asan cup is made from super smooth and flexible silicone which easily glides into your vagina. When designing our cup, we worked hard to ensure that it pops open beautifully and creates the perfect seal — which means insertion should only take a couple of seconds.

In this post, we will break down all things related to inserting your Asan cup — including how to clean, fold, insert and check that your cup is in the right position. We’ll also go over some frequently asked questions relating to inserting your Asan cup.

Stay with us till the end and we assure you you’ll be an absolute pro at menstrual cup insertion!


step 1 - stay clean

A quick recap on cleanliness: before inserting your Asan cup, it’s super important to make sure that both your hands and the cup are clean. Between your periods, your cup should be sterilised by soaking in boiling water for 10 minutes. If you’re travelling or can’t boil the cup, soak it in hot water with a few drops of our special OneDrop cleanser.

During periods, wash the cup thoroughly with clean running water each time you remove and re-insert it. You can also use a drop of our OneDrop Cleanser to ensure that your cup is squeaky clean — we like to keep a bottle in the shower just to have it on hand. Remember to clean the air holes by filling the cup with water and squeezing against your cup.

When you’re about to insert (or remove) your cup, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It’s also a good idea to trim your nails as long nails can scratch the inside of your vagina (so sorry to all our users who love long nails — enjoy them between periods but when you’re using the cup, keep them short!)


step 2 - fold the cup

Now for the fun stuff! To insert your Asan cup, you need to fold it. Although the cup looks big, it is super flexible and can be folded into a tiny shape so that it’s very easy to insert.

You can refer to our folds guide for details on the different types of folds you can try. Below are the C-Fold, the Punch Down Fold and the 7-fold. which are the most popular types of folds among our users.

C-Fold — Fold the half in the the shape of a ‘C’



Punch Down Fold — Pinch the cup from downwards from on side, so that that the rim folds downwards towards the base.

Punch Down Fold


7-Fold — Fold the rim of the cup downwards in the shape of a ‘7’

7 fold


The great thing about the C-Fold is that it pops open very easily and creates a great seal. That said, it does have a slightly bigger diameter than the Punch Down and 7-Folds. For teens and other users who have never inserting anything before, the Punch Down and 7-Fold are fantastic as they create a very small insertion point which makes it easier to glide in to the vagina.


step 3 — insert the cup

Now that you have folded your cup, it’s time to insert it. The very first time you insert your cup, we suggest doing it in a comfortable place (such as your bathroom at home) and when you have plenty of time (e.g. on a weekend or when you are working from home). It’s important to remain calm and to find a comfortable position that works for you.

A few positions that work well for our users include: sitting on the toilet, standing with one leg on the toilet seat, or squatting. Standing with your feet apart in the shower also works as it makes it very easy to insert and remove your cup without any mess.

Once you have found a comfortable position, hold onto your folded cup with a strong grip. Gently glide your menstrual cup into your vagina, angling it towards your tailbone (at a roughly 45 degree angle) and not upwards. As you insert your cup, try to maintain the folded position. Do not let go until the cup is fully inside your vaginal canal. 

Once you let go, you should hear your cup ‘pop’ open on its own — it will open up and form a seal with the walls of your vagina.


step 4 — check position

To check if your cup has opened up correctly, you can gently prod it or tug on the ring — if a seal has formed, you should feel some resistance. If the seal has not formed and the cup is still folded inside you or has dents, the best thing is to remove it and reinsert it again.

The correct position of your Asan menstrual cup is fully inside your vaginal canal. It is OK if  a little bit of the ring sticks out — it is made of soft and flexible silicone, and should not poke or irritate you at all. Please see the diagrams below to understand where in your vagina your menstrual cup should sit.


If the cup is sticking outside, you can gently push it upwards so that it is completely inside your vagina. However, do not push the cup too high up. Unlike a tampon, which goes all the way up to the cervix, a menstrual cup should sit lower in the vaginal canal. Pushing the cup up too high can lead to leaks.


step 5 — relax!

Now that you have inserted your Asan menstrual cup, it’s time to relax. You shouldn’t be able to feel your cup at all and some users completely forget they’re on their period!

If your flow is light or medium, you should be able to wear your cup for the next 12 hours without changing. If you have heavy flow, you may want to check your cup every 6 hours or so, as you may need to empty it more often.

You don’t need any back up protection such as as a pad, and you don’t need to remove your cup to go to the toilet. Just enjoy the comfort and leak-free experience!


frequently asked questions


I’ve never inserted anything before. Where should I start?

If you’ve never inserted anything into your vagina before, please don’t worry. The first step is to get to know your body. We suggest gently inserting one finger into the vagina so you understand where it is located and what it feels like. Once you can comfortable insert one finger, it will be easy to insert the Asan cup. 

Does it hurt to insert a menstrual cup?

If you have never inserted anything into your vagina before, it is possible that you will feel slight pain the first time to try to insert a menstrual cup. However, with practice you should find it very easy and experience no pain at all.

Which size cup is easier to insert?

The Asan cup comes in two sizes: light/medium flow and heavy flow. Both cups are made

from smooth and flexible silicone, and are easy to fold and insert. We suggest choosing size based on your flow to ensure maximum comfort and prevent leaks. However, if you are a first-time user and have never inserted anything before, you may want to start with the light/medium flow cup as it is slightly smaller and less firm — which means it will be a little bit easier to glide in the very first time you try. 

Can I use a menstrual cup if I am a virgin/have never had sex?

Menstrual cups are suitable for anyone with a period, whether or not you have had sex. If you have specific concerns about using an insertable product, please consult your doctor. 

Will the cup break my hymen? 

The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the entrance to the vagina. Not everybody has a hymen — in fact, some of us are born without one. The hymen can also wear away naturally during teenage years, for example from doing sports or being active.

If your hymen is still intact, using the Asan cup may stretch or tear it. This is because the cup is an insertable product that needs to be worn inside the vagina. Stretching or tearing the hymen is a completely natural process that happens to most of us at some point in our lives. 

Does using a cup mean i am no longer a virgin?

In short, the answer is no. A virgin is understood to be someone who has never had penetrative sex (i.e. where a penis enters the vagina). The only way to no longer be a virgin is to have penetrative sex. Using a menstrual cup, a tampon or any other insertable period product does not have anything to do with being a virgin.

In some societies, virginity is associated with having the hymen intact. At Asan, we do not associate the hymen with virginity at all, because so many of us will have our hymen torn long before we have sex. We view our menstrual cup as a practical and safe period solution that has nothing to do with your virginity. 

Can I use a lubricant to insert my cup?

Clean water is a great lubricant for inserting your cup. Although some users prefer lubricants such as coconut oil or commercially available lube, we do not advise using any lubricant except water, as these have not been tested on the Asan cup’s silicone and we can’t guarantee safety.  

Can I practice insertion even when I am not on my period?

Yes, you can wear a menstrual cup even when you are not on your period just to get the hang of it. However, please keep in mind you might feel a little dry, which can make insertion more difficult. Your cup will be easier to insert during your period as your menstrual fluid acts as a natural lubricant. If you want to practice before-hand, we advise using clean water as a lubricant. 

How deep should I insert my cup?

Unlike tampons, which are pushed up all the way to the cervix, a menstrual cup sits low in your vaginal canal. Do not push it in too deep as this can cause leaks. 

Can I use the cup on its own or do I need backup protection?

The first few times you try the cup, we recommend using a panty-liner or pad. Once you are confident, all you need is the cup. Goodbye disposable products! 

I can feel the cup inside me/and or it is uncomfortable.

It can take two or three cycles to get used to wearing the cup, so please give it time. If it feels uncomfortable or presses against your bladder, then we suggest opting for the light/medium flow cup, which is made from slightly softer silicone than our heavy flow cup. If you face any serious pain or discomfort, please stop using the cup immediately and contact a doctor. 

The ring is sticking out and/or poking me.

Our removal ring is designed to be soft and flexible so that it does not poke you. If it is sticking outside your body, we suggest gently pushing the cup upwards until you cannot feel it. 

I’ve tried everything and am still unable to insert a menstrual cup.

If you've tried all the suggestions on this page and still find that your Asan menstrual cup won’t go in, please don’t worry. We suggest you contact us so we can understand your experience better and assist you. Everyone’s anatomy is unique and we will do our best to get you the help you need.

You can find more helpful answers on our FAQ page.


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