The best menstrual cup with a ring

Whether you are considering a switch to menstrual cups or have been using a cup to manage your periods for years, seeing a menstrual cup with a ring for the first time can be slightly confusing. 

In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about why the Asan cup has a ring, what are the benefits, and how, in our users’ words, “it is a game-changer!” 

why does asan cup have a ring? 

When we first began developing the Asan menstrual cup, we surveyed cup users from across the world to understand the challenges they faced. By far the most common response was that cups can be difficult to remove.

From cups with ball-shaped handles to those with long, flat stems, most menstrual cups can take a long time to get hold off and remove. For those of us with high cervixes, this can be even more daunting, as the cup can ride up high into the vaginal canal.

This is why Asan came up with the idea of the ring — an oval shaped loop made from super soft silicone. 

All you need to do to remove the Asan cup is to insert one finger into your vagina and hook it into the ring. You can then gently tug the cup downwards until you can comfortably reach it, and pinch the base to break the seal. So easy!

is the ring uncomfortable?

Our ring for removal is made from Grade VI medical silicone to ensure that it is in line with the highest quality and safety standards. It is soft and flexible, and you will not feel it when it is inside you. In fact, we have thousands of users across the world and no one has ever been able to feel the ring!

should the ring be outside my body?

The entire Asan menstrual cup, including the ring, should be inside your vaginal canal. If you feel the cup sticking outside your vagina, gently push the cup upwards until the ring is in place and you can’t feel it. If a little bit of the ring sticks out, this is also completely normal.

why is the ring better than a stem? 

There are two reasons why a removal ring is better than a stem. Firstly, unlike a stem, the removal ring  will not poke you. 

Menstrual cup stems can poke inside your vagina and cause discomfort. The Asan cup ring’s circular and smooth surface ensures that it does not poke no matter how high or low it sits inside your vagina. 

Secondly, the ring is much easier to grip onto compared to a step, which can be slippery and hard to get a hold of. 

can a menstrual cup with a ring get stuck inside you?

No, not at all! The vagina ends in the cervix, and it is not possible for our menstrual cup to get stuck inside you. 

If you are having issues removing the cup, take some deep breaths, relax and stay calm. Whenever you feel ready, gently insert a finger into your vagina, locate the easy grip ring and pull on it until you are able to pinch the base to break the seal and release the suction. Please do not remove the cup by yanking on the ring, as that can hurt you. 

The special ring design makes it super easy to locate your cup no matter how high or low your cervix is. Refer to this blog to learn more about menstrual cups and cervix height.

can I chop the ring off? 

Our silicone ring is designed to be soft and flexible, so that you do not feel it. We don’t recommend trimming the ring as it can cause your cup to have a sharp and uncomfortable base. If you have a very low cervix and experience discomfort, you can chop the ring off. But please give it a few tries first!

can I pull the cup out using the ring?

Please remember that the special ring design is specifically there to locate the cup, not to pull it out. Once you have located the cup, use the ring to pull the cup lower and then remember to pinch the base to release suction. 

An easy removal trick that our users love is to hook your middle finger into the ring whilst simultaneously pinching the cup with your index and finger and thumb. Once you try it a few times, you will be removing your cup with ease in a matter of seconds. 

Always remember to be gentle, take your time, and enjoy the process! In the words of our users: It’s a game changer.


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